Use Visuals to Ensure your Bid is Noticed and Remembered

Pictures are vitally important in the world of competitive tendering. Diagrams can summarise a complex page of facts quickly and easily. Photographs can humanise your solution and bring it to life. Infographics ensure that even skim readers understand the most important elements of your tender.

Maximise Your Value Props: We know how to visually emphasise your differentiators – remaining compliant even when response templates limit creative freedom

Reusable Material: The content, diagrams and templates we create for you become your intellectual property to use in your future bids

Brand-Protecting Visuals: Our design team produces brand-compliant documents, diagrams and infographics, reworking existing graphics, transforming sketches or creating visuals  from your written content

Print Perfection: Our designers can create folders, boxes, clamshells, placemats, slide packs and even custom-printed USB sticks for major submissions

One Stop Design Shop: We provide full-service visual design – from templates, diagrams and content styling to print production perfection via our tender print-specialists

Stand out from the crowd and make your key points sing with bespoke document design and infographics

“An excellent response: well thought out and presented – [there is] a big gap between our response and the others….”

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