Benchmark your responses against better practice

The best tenders and proposals contain key ingredients that work together as multipliers. Compliant bids that focuses on the buyer, are easy to read and professionally presented win business. Our experts can apply their years of bidding experience to a thorough analysis of one of your submissions, benchmarking it against better practice across a range of dimensions including:

  • Writing accuracy: Avoiding errors or unintended meanings
  • Content clarity: Easy comprehension, reader-focused structure and brevity
  • Buyer focus: Ongoing focus on buyer needs, delivery of benefits and tailoring to industry
  • Proof points: Demonstrate ability and differentiate from the competition using data, case studies and testimonials
  • Document design / text styling: Aid readability, underscore professionalism and make your submission skim-proof
  • Visual design: Reduce complexity, aid retention and create interest using diagrams, photographs and action captions
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Have your most recent tenders analysed and graded to uncover opportunities to boost your bidding capabilities

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