Business-Winning Writing and Editing For Your Bids

We have been writing multi-million dollar bids since 2007. Our experts know that business-winning tenders must answer the questions, differentiate you from the competition and address buyer hot buttons. We will work with you to ensure your bid is compliant, clear and your solution compelling and hard to resist.

Tender experts: Our people are bid specialists, applying years of tender-winning experience to bid thinking, writing, editing and polishing

Collaborating to win: We work closely with your subject matter experts to transform conversations, outlines and drafts into business-winning writing with a single tone of voice

Words that mean business: Our written content uses clarity, brevity and impact to emphasise winning themes that talk directly to buyer needs

Exec summaries / cover letters: Developing powerful, buyer-centric summaries is one of our specialties, bringing together the core of your offering into a persuasive pitch at the start of your document

Supporting materials: We are often asked to produce capability statements, services guides, beauty documents and annual reports to support bids and build brand reputation

Compliant, persuasive and easy to read: a well-written bid will stand out from the competition and resonate deeply with your buyer’s needs

“Your unique writing talent and understanding of our business enables our offering to be communicated succinctly, and in a differentiated way…”

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