Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What Is Your Approach To Helping Us Win?

We recognise that your people are subject matter experts when it comes to your goods and services, the marketplace and the buyer, so we will work closely with them throughout the writing process. Our bid writing approach begins with several key ingredients, including:

  • A deep understanding of the buyer’s needs
  • A thorough analysis of the RFT, RFP or EOI, especially the Evaluation Criteria
  • A comprehensive grasp of your core offer, capabilities and differentiators
  • Your written drafts including answers to questions, proof points and data

Before editing your responses so they are clear, compelling and accurate, we will generate win themes that link your unique value propositions to your buyer’s needs.  Finally, we will craft an executive summary or cover letter that presents your key propositions within a succinct and powerful synopsis, including infographics if required.

Q: Do you guarantee to win?

No. Besides unstated buyer intent (such as ‘testing the market’), winning depends on a number of critical success factors that exist beyond the document you submit, including your existing relationship with the buyer, your pricing and value strategy, perceived risks and so on. 

We DO guarantee to use an approach that HAS won business for organisations across the country and that will let you put your best foot forward.

Q: How can you work on our bids if you are not an expert in our field?

Our areas of expertise include competitive bidding, powerful writing and professional-looking documents. Although our consultants all have backgrounds in large corporations, it’s unlikely that they will have operational or technical knowledge relevant to your bid.

They will, therefore, rely on facts, data and raw content provided by you and your subject matter experts. We will work with you in person or remotely during the development of the bid, drawing on the specific knowledge of your experts to ensure our bid is compliant as well as compelling.

Q: What is your win rate?

Win rate can be a vital strategic performance measure within a single organisation. However, tracking win rates across the large range of industries and organisations with whom we work is less meaningful. 

For example, for some of our clients, a 60% win rate in some markets is strategically healthy as it builds capability and/or relationships. For others, a 90% win rate is unacceptable – especially if they had a hand in shaping the RFT. 

That said, our writers maintain an overall win rate of around the 80-85% mark, tracked over the past ten years. References from existing clients are available on request.

Q: How much does your service cost?

Because we tailor our approach to your needs and to the opportunity, costs vary widely with each project we undertake. Factors affecting cost include:

  • Bid complexity
  • Contract value and associated pursuit budget
  • Response length and number of stages
  • The standard of the written draft you supply
  • The level of your current tendering capabilities
  • Your visual design requirements

We can tailor our engagement to your task, your timescale or your budgets. As a guide, our end-to-end engagements are most cost effective for bids worth $500k or more. If you have a specific project in mind, we recommend that you contact us to request an indicative quote.

If your question isn’t answered here, please get in touch.

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